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My Sunday off... ‪#‎sundayworkday‬ "It's not about how many times you's about how many times you get up and move forward"
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The huge advantage of tennis life style that you are privileged to meet incredible people around the world . I will start telling you stories about them with ‪#‎GlobalFriends‬ . Today I would like you to meet Jean Louis Vicar @candaleman . Man with passion for what he does ,who dares to try something new and never drops the challenge! I was extremely lucky to visit his estate couple of times and had incredible treat in the Atelier restaurant ( along with some great wine from estate cellar) . ‪#‎bordeaux‬ ‪#‎saintemillion‬

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1 год назад

A little update from grass court swing

Hello everybody!! A little update from grass court swing. As you all know the start wasn't that great , Stuttgart prepared one FANTASTIC event on grass ,unfortunately for me it was extremely cold the day of my match and my back didn't make it till the end of 2nd set. Have to give a lot of credit to Sam(Groth) he played some great tennis . Next I moved to Halle where grass is already in the blood of the stadium (btw thanks BMW for landing me a car) first round I faced Mr. Character (Gulbis) it's always hard to play him cause his serve can deliver a lot of damage. Was a good match but unfortunately again for me it was the only singles match in Halle. Now Me and Fabrice are in Nottingham , finally I was able to deliver som W !!!! By far two good wins over S.Johnson and V.Troicky . Feel...

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