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1 year ago

From Toronto to New Haven

Here we are 3 weeks on road and tomorrow is another great match!!! Life's been crazy recently, a lot of travelling and a lot of hard work was done during this 3 weeks. My first visit to Canada was great, my older brother is living in Toronto now (only for 2 years) so it was great to spend some time with him. I was actually staying in his place and my both coaches where staying at the hotel.

Tennis was also not bad, had a great win over Richard Gasquet but unfortunately could not stick to the good game and bounced in 2 round to T.Berdych. Doubles with M.Youzhny was a lot of fun, he is really a great player and we were one step close to be in the semis, but Bhupati/Mirnyi played really well in the...

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2 years ago

Volcanic ash :)

Hi to everyone! Well, as you all know I am in Barcelona now and getting here was a big disaster. All Europe is covered with volcanic ash from Iceland, I was supposed to fly on Saturday morning Vienna-Barcelona but all the flights were cancelled. I have a little time to decide what to do. As I'm a poor guy and don't have a car (at the moment) I had to figure out the transport. Well, thank goodness I have a friend Dr. Reiter who works in BMW and helped me out with a car (the only thing was that I could get it only 22.00 on Saturday and not earlier) so I had my B plan almost figured out. The only problem would be that if I have to drive to Barcelona I will have to drive from it to Rome and then back to Bratislava...

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2 years ago

U.S. Tournaments

Hi guys! I am back from the US Masters tournaments. It was a long stay for me as I am not feeling too comfortable in that country. Indian Wells is a well-organized tournament in the desert which is in some way nice and interesting. I met some new friends there so the time was going fast. I lost in the second round to Robredo, a tough 3-setter which I was supposed to win, at least I had a lot of chances to do so. But Robredo fooled me around; he pretended that he was injured and the he couldn't run, and then suddenly he started to run all over the place. Well, I can't say anything, he just played better, but also cheated.

After that I moved to Miami to play a challenger event at Sunrise...

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