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1 month ago

@Stako_tennis 4-6 May

 // 06-May-2012 //

Leaving the blue paradise #mutuamadridopen only 9 hour on site..will be back in 14hours..

@caropaquin80 I would say that last year it was fast&slippery,this year its unpredictable bounce+ fast&slippery...

Taking my BCSM(blue clay smurf magic) tmrw against R.Harrison...somebody have a smurf hat to borough??

After playing a match on blueclay court 6 I can say with full responsibility on my shoulders that it is the worst court of @ATPWorldTour.

// 05-May-2012 //

Спорт не ПОЛИТИЧЕСКИЙ аргумент !!!!

Looks like #mutuamadridopen forgot to inform some players that they give WC to them:)

// 04-May-2012 //

The most funny draw situation I ever saw..."You play S.Bubka"5min later"Computer mistake you play P-H.Matieu"5min later"misake you play ALT"

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