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2 months ago

A little update from grass court swing

Hello everybody!! A little update from grass court swing. As you all know the start wasn't that great , Stuttgart prepared one FANTASTIC event on grass ,unfortunately for me it was extremely cold the day of my match and my back didn't make it till the end of 2nd set. Have to give a lot of credit to Sam(Groth) he played some great tennis . Next I moved to Halle where grass is already in the blood of the stadium (btw thanks BMW for landing me a car) first round I faced Mr. Character (Gulbis) it's always hard to play him cause his serve can deliver a lot of damage. Was a good match but unfortunately again for me it was the only singles match in Halle. Now Me and Fabrice are in Nottingham , finally I was able to deliver som W !!!! By far two good wins over S.Johnson and V.Troicky . Feel...

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2 years ago

@Stako_tennis 24-31 December

// 24-Dec-2012 //

#Epic #BattleOfWifes #doha Today at 1pm GMT(4pmSAT) @BTipsarevic VS @AnfiStak .Coaches @TipsarevicJanko ,@Stako_tennis .Tickets on sale now!

@Pontoonfloat ofcourse!! The winner gets a dinner for 2 from the loosing couple!

And @AnfiStak is taking early break in this match against @BTipsarevic #BattleOfWifes @AnfiStak is 3-1 up in the first set.

@AnfiStak is taking the first set 6-2 #BattleOfWifes

And its finished #BattleOfWifes @btipsarevic @AnfiStak put a great show..very proud of my wife,and her win 62 61

// 25-Dec-2012 //

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2 years ago

EN: @Stako_tennis 09-14 December

// 09-Dec-2012 // 

Live to love,if you didn't didn't live..

Work hard, play harder!!! (photo from @TipsarevicJanko)

// 11-Dec-2012 //

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm ! W.Churchill

// 12-Dec-2012 //

I owe you @SomdevD in mini tennis now do you push-ups!))

@SomdevD cherish that moment))it will not happen again)

// 13-Dec-2012 //

@Stako_tennis got him back. Loving pre season this year ” It's just the...

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