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What do you think about Roger and his talent?

Awaf, London, UK

Roger is one-of-a-kind. In my opinion he is the greatest player ever and I hardly believe that there is gonna be someone like him in the future of the game :)

Are your HEAD Prestige Microgel racquets customized or their specs are the same as retail HEAD Prestige Microgel which people can buy in a store?

Unseeded, Kyiv

My racquets are the same as in a shop, the only difference is weight and balance.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't a professional tennis player?

Andrew mcnally, London, uk

Hard to say... what I would do... Most probably I would follow my dad's footsteps and would become a doctor.

I know you started to play in Kiev. Could you please advise a school or a coach? I have a son and he seems to be interested in tennis. What age is better to start?

Sergiy Filimonov, Kiev

Well, I started at the age of 6 at Respublicantski stadium. Like all kids in a group of maybe 20 kids. As for the coach, I was taught technique and basics by Jurij Valentinovich Obrazcov. He lives in Kiev and I believe is still coaching. Best age? The younger the better.

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