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Just heard your interview from after St Petersburg win and I wonder where your English accent comes from, seems quite mixed?

Brandon, Stockholm, Sweden

Actually I don't have any accent :) It's most probably a mix of Canadian and British English :)

Do you think you have any chances of becoming a TOP10 player in the next two years?

Влад, Teignmouth, England

Yes, my goal is to get to TOP10 in two years' time. It IS possible and I will do my best to get there!

How often do you train everyday?

doris, taiwain

When I am not playing tournaments I practise about 5-6 hours a day and then undergo massage sessions. When I am at tournaments I just keep myself in shape :)

What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time? What kind of movies do you like watching?

Алессандро, Донецк

I like listening to almost everything from The Kings of Leon to R&B and David Guetta. As far as films are concerned, I like blockbusters, films like Brat 1-2, Antikiller, 12, Ronin, Blow, 15 Minutes, Heat, Green Mile.

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