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What kind of sport do you like to play in your spare time? Who is your favorite sportsman?

Cathrine, Dniepropetrovsk

I like to play football, basketball, golf. My favourite sportsman... well, hard to say, I admire many like S. Bubka, V. Klitchko, A. Timoschuk.

What do you want to improve most? BH, FH, serve, fitness or footwork? And considering your height, do you find it hard to play SH BH since players tend to attack it with topspin? If you play Nadal, what's your game plan? Since SH BH is so rare on the tour, I hope you can break out soon and bring some differences to ATP!

Rita, Taiwan

My goal is to improve my fitness in total (footwork also) and game strategy. If I played Rafa on clay there would be one story on hard another so I can't really say :)) For sure, I would will try to bring up the speed on him. Thanks a lot.

Who are your friends among tennis players?

Alexei Tarasov, Moscow

My best friends on the tour are Youzhny and Bubka.

What are your favorite male and female movie stars?

Milica , Split

My favorite actor is Gerard Butler and actress Megane Fox.

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