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Where do you like to go on holidays when you're not playing tournaments and why?

Joe, Miami, Florida

I love to stay at home during the breaks because I don't really look forward to flying 6 hours to some nice warm place in November.

What clicked at Halle last year that you won the tournament?

izverrg, earth

Don't know, we just had a great week and looking for some more this year.

I watched your match against Verdasco, the one in which you were very close to winning. It seemed to me that you had lapses of concentration. What's your match tactics when you play big guys?

Максим, Португалия, Лиссабон

Verdasco was really hard to play. I definitely had a lot of chances in the 3rd set and obviously I didn't use them the way I was supposed to. On clay I am trying to play as powerful as I can, otherwise I don't really have a chance to play the top guys.

Do you change string tensions playing in different conditions?

Seva, Dniepropetrovsk

I am changing the string tension on different surfaces and also depending on weather conditions. Indoor I use 28/27 kg on clay I usually do 26/25 if it's raining I go lower.

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