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I've watched your two matches on TV: win vs. Istomin (Pilot Pen), win vs. Harrison (US Open), and I'm very impressed with your all-around game, especially attacking the net. I find your versatility and game variety refreshing and rare, and a very distinctive feature of your tennis. Your backhand slice is SOOO fluid, it seems like knife against butter. How did you develop your game in your junior years? Did you have special training with emphasis in net play, as I find you excel at net play?

Henry Tran, Florida, USA

Many thanks! During my junior years I was practising in the Czech Rep., I believe they still have one of the best schools for juniors (the club system is really strong). I can say that I was always lucky on coaches (all of them where really great people).The game I'm playing now is a bit different from what I was playing in juniors. I used to serve and volley all the time and chip and come in very frequently, but in mens tennis it's almost impossible to break through with such game so I had to adapt.

Your game is wildly entertaining. You sometimes play with the hands of McEnroe and the heart of Fabrice Santoro. Your play in the New Haven final displayed the connections of your thinking during a point and your shot invention as you approached the ball. You are not a one trick player - gutsy serving when needed and then technically placed serves when situations (points or score on a point) change. You clearly have the heart and head to out-think players - what can you do now to advance past the top 10 players into that orbit of excellence?

Bob Donnelly, Tuxedo, USA

Thank you very much. Well there is always a lot of room for improvement. For example, I'm not satisfied with my footwork. My baseline game should be much faster than it is now so these are my real goals to improve on during the off season.

I read an earlier comment on your site regarding your stay in the US. You mentioned that you do not feel comfortable in the country? Why? I believe the more people get to know you and your game they will enjoy watching you play. I starting noticing your game prior to the US Open and truly enjoyed your all around game. Keep coming to the US and you will see people will enjoy and support you.


Thanks a lot for supporting me! I will be coming back more frequently :)) You know you have some countries in which you feel good and some in which you don't. It always seems to me that people in the US never really cheer for me. But after this season I'm going to rethink how I feel about the US :)

What exercise would you suggest to improve speed and lateral movements?


There is a lot of different drills. I do a lot of movements between balls, it makes your footwork more precise.

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