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How come you chose Bratislava as your training base?

Linda, Brno, CZE

It was due to my new coach at that time (Jan Kroslak), so I moved there because of him.

Just wondering why is it that in modern world class tennis, players can't really serve and volley all the time (ala Rafter, McEnroe) and chip and charge aggressively - like you did as a junior. You said you had to adapt - which I assume means serve and volley a lot less and chip and charge less than you used to. Is it the type of racquets and strings available today? The common use of semi western grip heavy forehand topspin that spins the ball low and fast at your feet? etc. The speed of the oncoming ball? Its almost like its a lost art nowadays. Great to see that you still volley more than most.

mike huxley, columbus, ohio

It's a bit of everything and I still try to improve my serve and volley and use it more often. The problem is that the surfaces that we are playing on are really slow and all the guys in top 200 are very fit and fast and this brings us to a point that it is not so easy to make a volley winner from the first volley. And if you don't trick the opponent you will have hard time to win the point, so the real reason is actually that the balls are getting slower along with the surfaces. If you watched Wimbledon final you could clearly see that there is no more serve and volley on grass, and grass used to be the fastest and the low bouncing surface of all!

What's the best and worst thing about being a professional tennis player?

Andrew McNally, London

Best thing is most probably that you travel around the globe, stay in great hotels and do the thing you love. Worst is that you don't spend enough time with your family and friends (and also the stress).

What do you think about the beauty of Caroline Wozniacki?

David, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, she's a nice girl, really easy to communicate with.

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