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What size of grip do you use?

Juan, Buenos Aires

I use grip size 5.

Do you like the Munich tournament?

Marat, Germany

I loved the event in Munich and I'm looking forward to coming back next year!

Do you remember your school years in Czech Republik, Frýdlatn and Ostarvicí? Elementery school, gymnasium? :) Was it a good time for you? Where did you do the biggest step of improving your tennis? Umís jeste cesky? :) I was your schoolmate in Frydlant, you were class A, me C. And then gymnasium.

Jarek Vrba, Metylovice (near Frýdlant nad Ostravicí)

I remember that time and I always will. Unfortunately, my schedule hasn't allowed me to visit Frydlant for the last 5 years :( Every single stage of my career was important!

What does it mean to you to be happy? And what does it mean to be successful?

Loredana, Madrid, España

Being happy means that your family is with you, that all of them are healthy and that the person you love the most is next to you. Being successful is to achieve your own goals.

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