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What is your string tension?

Yuriy, Kiev,Ukraine

Usually 28/27 kg, natural gut.

What's the most-cherished memory of your tennis career so far?

Scarlet, California

Well, nothing can be even close to winning an ATP event. Davis Cup in England was also memorable.

How would you spend your perfect day off the tennis court?

Oksana, Ukraine

I would spend all the time with my girlfriend. Then we would get together with our friends. Afterwards, we would spend a quiet evening at home reading books.

What will it take to bring into Top 10 and how you will do it?

Jurij, Ukraine

If I knew how to do it, I would already be there :) Speaking seriously, it takes a lot of hard work and, what’s even more important, self-confidence. I am concentrating on the latter right now.

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