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What would you say is the best surface for volley players?

john, london

The best is in Rotterdam, it's the fastest surface we have at the moment. Grass courts are really slow these days.

I really enjoyed seeing part of your epic match with Marchenko at the Australian Open. What was it like playing that match in full sun in 33-degree heat? What did you do to recover for your next match against Anderson?

Jen, Melbourne, Australia

After such long matches in extreme heat it's quite hard to fully recover, but the facilities at the Melbourne Park are great (ice bath, swimming pool) so I was 80% ready for Anderson, shame that I was not playing well.

Which of the young players (Tomic, Dimitrov, Raonic, Berankis, etc.) do you think is most promising?

Константин, Вильнюс

The most talented, in my opinion, is Dimitrov, but all these guys have something into them.

I am noticing a decrease in the use of the volley in your game (compared with previous years), much like in Roger's game, and in tennis in general. What are the main reasons? Players make better and faster returns and it's more difficult to cover the net, players move quicker, surfaces/balls are slower...?

Jorge, Spain

The surfaces are really slow, players are moving much faster and they are more precise with their passing shots, but I promise to stick to the net more often :)

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